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KarbomB - "Bastard Flu"

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KarbomB - "Bastard Flu"

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Athens, Georgia punks KarbomB are back with their long-awaited label debut "Nose Before Toes"!

If you take the speed and technicality of bands like NoFX and Lagwagon, stir in the powerful melodies of Face to Face, and top it off with the vocal hostility of acts like Hot Water Music or American steel, you get KarbomB; a delightful Irish beverage or a kamikaze killer, you be the judge. With lead vocals coming from the drummer, and a balls-out stage show, KarbomB separates themselves from the average punk rock band. "Nose Before Toes" was recorded at The Factory in Atlanta, Georgia and produced by Joe Queer of The Queers.

KarbomB is currently working on a 7inch split with The Queers, to be released this Fall 2012 on Warbird Entertainment!!! Stay tuned....

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